Our Organization

TESL MB (formerly known as Teachers of EAL to Adults in Manitoba, or TEAM) is a non-profit professional organization that supports ESL/EAL teachers in Manitoba.

The purposes of TESL MB are:

  • to represent and address the professional needs of educators and instructors of adult ESL/EAL students in Manitoba
  • to promote the improvement of programs and services for adult ESL/EAL learners through professional development, community engagement and, when appropriate, advocacy

TESL MB is run by volunteer members who serve on the TESL MB Board. The Board meets regularly and meetings are open to general members. Please contact us at teslmanitoba.general@gmail.com if you would like to attend the next meeting of the Board.

Members are informed of any General Meetings, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM), through our newsletter. Additionally, see our Events & Services page for scheduled meetings. For more information about TESL MB’s organizational structure, please consult the TESL MB By-Laws and/or the TESL Policies & Guidelines.